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Diva Principle Jan. 9th

Because we know the first definition for diva is divine, we can totally attribute this special quality ti being a God thing. A deposit of the divine nature of God was placed into the spirit of every woman when He breathed the breath of life into her and she became a living soul.

Michelle McKinney Hammond

Weign in… What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word Diva?


Diva Principle January 4

Are divas born or made? That is the question. I believe divas are born. Building on that premise, I also believe there is a diva inside every woman.

~Michelle McKinney Hammond.

Diva Principle January 3

There is no such thing as an overnight success. For those who are successful, it is because of their diligence to refine themselves and their gifts. They are always prepared for the moment when opportunity knocks. Oh yes, opportunity will indeed knock. But if it doesn’t find a prepared vessel, it moves on in search of someone who is ready to welcome success, love, or whatever the heart desires.

~Michelle McKinney Hammond.

Diva Principle January 2

You have made known to me the paths of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence. (Acts 2:28)

~Michelle McKinney Hammond.

Diva Principle January 1

What you believe definitely affects what you do. What you do affects the response from others or results you receive. What you receive affects your attitude toward life, which then affects your next move, which further affects the outcome of your actions, which will then have a profound effect on your joy level, your success, your fulfillment, your everything. 

Can you achieve this diva-tude? Absolutely, but…be forwarned, old habits die hard. This will be a workout for some and a welcome change for others.  ~Michelle McKinney Hammond. 


Day 7: I Am Thankful For…

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James Sr. my “granddaddy”… Today he turns 83 years old. Hard to believe that 8 years ago this main was ICU for several months hanging on to dear life. Even through a battle with cancer and a stroke he is still kicking strong today. As stated in past posts, you can tell that I come from a family of very determined and strong people. My grandpa is so loving and one thing I get from is that he has no problem telling it like IT IS… I have to always warned friends in advance that if you sensitive then you may not want to meet granddaddy.

As I  write this post I LOL as I think about my childhood days with my grandpa. Whenever he pulled up I was running to greet him at the door and the first in his car whenever he was going somewhere. He had this burgundy leather coat (the one in the picture) I called his “pimp coat”. My  grandpa is indeed a charmer and it shows in his grandchildren.

On this day I say I LOVE YOU GRANDDADDY and I am glad to have you as my PA PA…

Day 3-6… I Am Thankful For…

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Day 3: I am thankful for Ruby & Jewel. How blessed was I to have two amazing grandmothers. Not only did these women spoil me rotten but they displayed amazing signs of strength.Even in days of illness they still remain positive and viewed the glass as being half full. They always had a smile and though in pain and not in the best of spirits not once did they complain. These ladies also instilled in me a great sense of fashion. They indeed were fly. When in doubt I think about their struggles and I am soon inspired to keep pushing.

Day 4: I am thankful the inventor of wig/weave. Yea I thought I would be silly today. But really I am thankful for a good weave/wig. Lord knows wigs/weaves allow me to transition through all my many personas and phases. Not everyone can rock a wig/weave well…. I am thankful to be one that knows how to make it work.

Day 5: I am thankful for the talent of writing. Writing has many times being therapeutic for me. Writing to me is an outlet to express my most craziest of thoughts. It’s also an outlet to get out all the crazy situations I have had people talk to me about and/or experienced. Writing gives me a voice to tell the story of many women who have held things in for fear of being judged. My writing allows me to be me.

Day 6: On this day I am just thankful to have awaken in a warm bed and a smile upon my face. This weekend I have been pampered to the utmost. Of all the treats I have had this weekend I am thankful for those that took part in making me smile and making this one of the best weekends in a while.


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